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第一次使用前須開鍋 How To Season A Cast Iron Skillet


Seasoning is just oil baked onto cast iron. It helps to prevent your skillet from rusting and naturally coats a non-stick surface. It may take a little extra care but a well-seasoned cast iron skillet will last for generations.

熱油開鍋: 在鑄鐵鍋子內外包含把手薄塗一層植物油(不要有油積在表面)200°C 烘烤一小時,重複上油加熱的動作二至三次,即完成開鍋動作。


Rub a light layer of cooking oil onto the surface of your skillet including the handle and the bottom of the skillet. Place the oiled skillet in a preheated 200°C oven, and leave it there for 1 hour. You'll want to do this oiling-and-heating process two to three times to finish the seasoning process.

清潔與保養 Clean And Care

步驟 1: 清洗 Wash



Clean skillet in warm water with mild dish soap.

步驟 2: 乾燥 Dry


Dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth or paper towels to prevent rusting.

步驟 3: 上油Oil


Coat a thin layer of oil on the skillet. Air dry in dry, cool place or heat dry on top of a stovetop.

*由於整個鍋子皆為鐵鑄造而成,加熱後鍋柄會相當燙手,務必使用厚 布或隔熱手套拿取,避免燙傷。

*Cast iron remains hot long after you remove it from the stove. As a reminder to be careful, drape a thick towel or a mitten over the handle.


*Cook with your skillet as often as you can. Every time you heat oil or fat for an extended period of time in cast iron, you have the opportunity to add a thin, durable seasoning to your skillet. These thin layers build on each other like coats of paint on a wall, slowly but surely forming a resilient, ultra-slick surface.


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